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Nusa Dua: Dives off Nusa Dua will probably not offer such a show very often, but are still worth making for the variety of fish here. The reef to the north, off the Sanur coast, is similar-wide tidal flats behind the reef front, and access is also impossible at the lowest tide. The variety of fishes is quite good in Sanur, but there is even less coral cover than at Nusa Dua. If you are a serious diver, either of these dives will just whet your appetite for more challenging locations.

Candi Dasa: Just offshore from Candi Dasa is tiny Tepekong, a little outcrop that offers some spectacular diving. The coral walls are steep, the water is cold, and the current can be strong. But for an experienced diver, drifting with a 3 knot current through The Canyon offers an unforgettable underwater experience.

Tulamben: At first sight, the little village of Tulamben is rather uninviting. Its beach is a spread of black sand covered by smooth, fist-size rocks, the waterworn remains of rubble cast here by Gunung Agung's 1963 eruption. In the dry season, the Countryside assumes a nondescript shade of brown. Like all the north coast villages, there are no lush rice fields here - Gunung Agung and the other mountains steal the rain, which comes from moisture-laden air that blows in from the south. Thus South Bali is the island's rice bowl. What brings people to Tulamben is not visible from above water, however. People wake upearly, fight the snarled traffic from the tourist centers of the south and emerge from their bemos, groggy and cross, for only one reason: to dive the wreck of the Liberty at Tulamben.

Padang Bay: There are two main dive spots at Padang Bai: Pura Jepun and Tanjung Bungsil. We rate these sites as slightly better than those off Nusa Dua or Sanur, but a damn sight colder. Bring  a wet suit if you're going to dive this area. A good, deep chill can   take the pleasure out of any dive. The ride to Padang Bai from the Kuta-Nusa Dua-Sanur triangle is a long, traffic-clogged 60 kms. Padang Bai is the port for the five-times-a-day Lombok ferry run,  and things can always get a bit congested near the dock area.  It's far more convenient to dive this spot from Candi Dasa, just 15 minutes away.

Pemuteran: It's a long drive from the Nusa Dua/Sanur/Kuta area to Menjangan, which adds up to a lot of time on the road for just a couple of dives. But there is an excellent alternative: stay at the Pondok Sari Beach Bungalows in Pemuteran, which has a professionally-run dive operation, Reef Seen Aquatics, which offers very good diving. Pemuteran is located just a few Milometers east of Meniangan on the north coast, on a little bay. Reef Seen runs its own boat to Menjangan, but divers often prefer the closer locations. The latter are all just a few minutes away. There are five main dive spots, well explored by the operator, each worth several dives.

Menjangan Island: Menjangan Island-the name means "deer"-hangs just offshore of the mountainous point in far northwestern Bali. Because the island is in a protected position, currents and wind-generate waves are rarely a bother, and the reefs here offer fine diving, particularly for beginning and intermediate divers. Occasionally, the water can be crystal clear-a snorkeler, distinct, 50 meters above you-and the rest of the time visibility seldom drops to less than 25 meters. The island is part of Bali Barat National Park, a protected reserve area that encompasses much of Bali's little-populated western end. The drive from the resort areas of the south is at least three hours, the first hour through the thick traffic that envelops Denpasar like a fog.

Nusa Penida, across the Badung Strait from Bali's southern tip, offers some of the best diving to be found anywhere. But conditions around Penida and its two small sister islands-Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan-can sometimes be difficult, with unpredictable currents reaching four or more knots. This is not a place for beginning divers, inexperienced boatmen, or engines in less than perfect condition. Also, Upwellings from the deep water south of Bali, which keep visibility here clear, can also make the water uncomfortably cold. Even if you are an expert diver, contract with one of Bali's well-organized diving services to dive Nusa Penida, and make sure that You get a reliable boat and a guide with plenty of experience


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