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Explore Cat Ba Island
16.07.15 11:46

Explore Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island has 367 large and small islands including Cat Ba island located south of Ha Long Bay, From Ha Long City about 25km and has been UNESCO recognized a biosphere reserve in the world. Island not only in natural scenery beautiful but also hides a rich ecosystem and diverse help the tourism industry grow more and more stronger. Guests often know about these programs visit tour like Halong cruises, Halong Bay Cruise, Halong tours etc .. But the tour to visit and explore Cat Ba Island one day tourists choose.
Travelling Cat Ba, you can refer to one of the attractions, such as Lan Ha Bay - located in the southeast, the Bay Cat Gia is located in the southwest, where visitors can swim and resort to the coast very clean and clear blue sea. In particular there are many equally beautiful limestone Halong Bay for foreign visitors, the activities of climbing here very attracted them. The beach as " Cát Cò " and " Cát Ông ", " Cat Trai Gái ", " Đường Danh " ... are very popular here, although the beaches are small but it's pristine beauty and transparent sea water almost see Bottom 1 times that visitors can not forget about that.
Explore Cat Ba by road across the island 27km long, This path is particularly attractive for young people by the steep winding road passes through fields or along the edge of the sea when ... phượt on the same street you can feel delight get the amazing scenery from the national forest to beautiful beaches. Visitors arrive in Cat Ba National Park, it has an area of ​​about 15,200 ha this is where genetic resources conservation ecology many rare and is also one of the most attractive tourist destinations in town. In addition, the journey to explore the small caverns you also should not ignore, in Cat Ba not have too many caves, but visitors can consult one several caves such as the " Trung Trang ", " Hùng Sơn ", in " Phù Long " ...
The seafood dish that you can enjoy while in Cat Ba such as squid, lobsters, oysters, clams, snout, surface appearance ... Today, Cat Ba are increasingly trying to develop their tourism industry, so but the resort, 4 star hotel constant get built and combined harmoniously with landscape here, make Cat Ba more and more becoming beautiful in the eyes of tourists.