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One day on Halong Bay you can discover what
14.07.15 10:53

One day on Halong Bay you can discover what

Halong Bay Vietnam towards Vietnam people not merely a popular tourist destination, The international friends they see as an ideal location to visit. A natural wonder of the world recognized by UNESCO. One day travel on Halong Bay will give you great discoveries at the famous tourist destination in the North this. In the morning, do not forget to get up early to experience a unique atmosphere of the sea. When the translucent fog has not cleared up that unfurl unfurling on the sea, you will feel a very romantic setting like in a fairy tale. The testicles stood silent in the mist with different shapes as the soldiers guarding the sea. Enjoy the fresh air in the morning. You can also come right coast to feel the cool breeze gently drenched in mist. You can also see the fish market right on the sea with fresh fish was arrested ready to move into the seafood market.

When the sun was up, you're ready for a day of exploring Halong. You can take a boat to explore the unique caves here. Halong has numerous beautiful caves has many travelers love. Each Cave bears a different beauty with the personal mythologies. What could be more interesting when admire the beautiful stalactite glitter like the magic chandeliers, are exploring the nooks ravishing with ultramarine violet beam spread. These are places where any tour Halong travelers always attention and care about most,to have this amazing experiences, you can register through the tour like Halong cruises or tours like Halong cruise booking, especially programs Halong Bay cruise. After exploring the caves, you can visit the island from here, Halong have numerous large and small islands. Island is beautiful and brings many seductive charms. On the island, you can explore the unique scenery, visit the rich flora and fauna. Do not forget to visit the attractive beaches on the island. Near midday, do not miss the fresh water to dissipate the hot summer sun. In the blue water can almost look bottom, you will be extremely relaxed. Being cool and silky sand beaches located on what was interesting in. You can enjoy a delicious meal in a restaurant or diner chic. The famous specialty of Ha Long will make you enjoy as great taste. Do not forget to enjoy the delicious squid ball Halong seductive, fresh fish, squid, chicken Tien Yen sweet and crispy aromatic dishes from snails.

In the afternoon, you can have fun on the beach or visit the fishing village of here. These villages will give you the unique feeling salty sea with fish odor. You smell fish, you are witnessing dried fish in the village, the bustling atmosphere at the boat back to the bay full of fish.
Sunset in Halong is a great moment. You will feel immediately the sunset over the ocean with breeze blowing inshore cage gush incessantly feel the air is incredibly cool. The bright sunlight during the day disappear, instead is little glimmer remains of sunset. The birds have been separated to fly back to their nests,Those islands offshore far away, rare rays sun through interstitial grid ...
Halong night beautifully with twinkling lights. Do not overlook experience squid fishing at sea to have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh ink from yourself fished on the basket boat stall. Fresh squid cooked nicely and make you unforgettable, you can choose to sleep on the boat to be stargazing at sea, or lie on the beach watching the stars also no less interesting.

03.08.15 08:36

Re: One day on Halong Bay you can discover what

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